Climb Out to Sobriety

Let us help you Climb Out

Let us help you Climb Out

“Involvement in 12-step groups and characteristics of the social network were strong predictors of outcome, reaffirming the importance of social and environmental factors in recovery.” – Polcin, et al.

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US heroin deaths jump 533% since 2002.

(CNN)The number of heroin users in the United States jumped from 404,000 in 2002 to 948,000 in 2016, a 135% increase, according to the most recent government numbers. But even more striking: The number of people who had fatal overdoses related to heroin has skyrocketed from 2,089 in 2002 to an estimated 13,219 in 2016 — a 533% jump.

The Tantalizing Link Between Obesity and Depression

Two of America’s biggest health problems seem to be connected. The key to treating both may be to tackle them together. – Michelle Thompson, Politico

Colleges Use Sober Dorms to Combat Opioid Epidemic

Ryan had a pattern: He’d enroll in college with the best of intentions, start drinking and drugging, then drop out. Three years ago, as he prepared to enroll at the University of Miami, his fifth school, he had what he called a “white light moment.”

“I realized there was absolutely no way I’m going to stay sober,” he recalled.

So Ryan decided to try something different. He enrolled at Rutgers University, the state university of New Jersey, and moved into the Recovery House, a special dorm that offers “substance-free” housing and activities for students in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction… – Teresa Wiltz, PBS

When Your Parents Are Addicted to Painkillers

Skip the intervention and rehab threats. Here’s how to really help the growing boomer demographic in America’s opioid epidemic. – Sarah Elizabeth Richards, Huffington Post

You May Be Misusing Opioids Without Even Knowing It

Many people who misuse prescription painkillers — meaning that they use these addictive medicines in ways not recommended by their doctor — may not think they have a problem, a new federal report suggests. – Don Sapatkin, Philly News